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Whiteboard videos start at $799 and Animation videos start at $1299. Pricing varies depending on the style of animation you want and the length of the script. Click here to learn more about the various styles of animation. Please contact us for pricing.

Most 2-to-3-minute animation videos take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to produce. Depending on the type of animation style is required and the length of script, it could late a bit longer. We will do our best to make sure your animation video is produced on time and on budget.

As a rule of thumb, 150-words equates to around 1-minute of final video. Most videos are between 2 to 3 minutes. We also have produced animation videos that have been 5 to 10 minutes. It all depends on what you want to communicate to your audience. Your budget will also determine how long your video to be.

Our talented team can produce many different types of animation. Style can be Whiteboard Animation, RSA Animation, Explainer Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics Animation, Paper-Cutout Animation or Stick Figure Animation. If you are not sure, we can help you to determine which animation style would be best suited for your video.

Yes, we can definitely help develop the creative for your animation video. We will make sure your concept and ideas are visually communicated in the creative brief we develop for each scene and illustrate it in a storyboard for your approval before moving to production.

Yes, we can definitely produce your video in a different language. Please let us know which additional language you require so we can provide you with an estimate.

Our non-union voice over pricing is simple and fair. We price each voice recording based on the word count of your script, not by studio time or recording length. We have a roster of voice talents to choose from in different languages.

  1. You can find the perfect voice for your project via our other company site at voiceit.ca. Use the Voice Search to choose the language and gender you’d prefer for your video.
  2. Like what you hear? Save the voices you love for later while you keep exploring our long list of voice talent. Simply hit the heart icon next to their name to favorite them. You can shortlist voices by removing the ones you don’t like so much at any time.
  3. When booking voice talent, you’ll need to select at least three you’d be willing to use. We wouldn’t want you to be left disappointed if your chosen artist is unavailable for any reason. With three favorites, you’re sure to secure one.


Our non-union voice over pricing is simple and fair. We price each voice recording based on the word count of your script, not by studio time or recording length. As a rule of thumb, 150-words equates to around 1-minute of final audio.

  • $299 - Get a script voiced of up to 450-words (equal to around 3-minutes of final audio). This includes non-broadcasting use to promote your products or services on your corporate websites, and non-paid advertising marketing channels. If your script requires more than one artist, each additional voice over per language will cost $299.
  • $49 - This covers each additional 75-words (or less) which equates to around 30-seconds of additional audio.
  • $499 - This covers full broadcasting rights if you intend on using the voice over to advertise your product or service via paid broadcasting channels for local and national use (including TV, radio, and the internet).

…Unfortunately, not. Our team controls all communication channels with the voice talent in our network. If you have any questions or are unsure of anything, you may let your Account Manager know. We’ll take into account any specific directions on how you want your script to be voiced, passing this important information onto the voice talent.


Absolutely. In fact, we strongly recommend our clients get a short audition from the voice talent they’re considering for their project. You’ll pay just $25 per voice talent, per language, per audition. This covers up to a short 50-word script, the voice talents studio time and file set up.


You’ll be able to hear how your script will sound before committing to the voice talent and the price of a full read. This way, you will know with 100% certainty that you are making the right choice.


We can usually have your voice over done in just 3 - 5 business days. While we always try our best to deliver as soon as possible, our voice talents aren’t always available at short notice. However, rest assured that they will do their best to get your script voiced as quickly as possible - without ever compromising on quality.

All scripts must be sent to us in Microsoft Word - MS Word format. Please provide us with written directions for us to pass onto the voice talent should there be any specific annunciations or pronunciations they need to know about. This helps everyone avoid unnecessarily time-consuming and costly revisions.

Yes, we can definitely create a script for you! Our talented copywriters and scriptwriters are here to help sell your product or service, tell your story, or craft a compelling corporate message that converts. Please contact us for pricing.


Yes! We offer translation services too and can translate any English script into one of many languages. Our expert translators bring the human touch - something Google Translate can’t do - while ensuring that the integrity of your original message is preserved. With our help, nothing will be lost in translation! The cost depends on the length of the English script and the language. Please contact us for pricing.

Yes! We can certainly assist with the editing of your script. Please contact us for pricing.

Absolutely! We can gladly mix background music with your voice over. Our talented composers and engineers boast years of experience, and they are ready to create an exceptional soundtrack to bring the voice over and project to life. Whether your production requires just one instrument, such as a piano, or an entire symphony of sounds, we will create a custom musical composition set to transform a simple voice over into something truly spectacular. Please contact us for pricing.

All final animation videos are delivered in HD .mp4 format. This is a standard file format excepted my most social media platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. If you require a different file format, please let us know before we begin production.

Commercial Non-Broadcasting Rights give you permission to use the voice over in the animation video for promoting your product or service in non-paid advertising marketing channels such as on an internal company website, or on your own corporate website. With Commercial Non-Broadcasting Rights, you aren’t paying to have the voice over in your video promoted.


Full Broadcasting Rights apply to spots that you pay to have promoted. These rights give you consent to use the voice over in your animation video on any media of your choosing, including TV commercials, radio spots, and internet adverts. Internet adverts refer to any spots that will run on websites other than your corporate site. Here, you are paying to have it promoted - such as is the case with pre-rolls prior to other content running. This could include commercials that play on YouTube or Spotify before the actual content begins. Full Broadcasting Rights are also known as full buy-outs, offering unlimited usage.


Our voice talents can voice your script in many different languages. Use the Voice Search to select the language for your script. If you don’t find the language, please contact us so that we can help find one in our network.


Please note that before we send the script to the artist, it must be translated first. We can also help with translating your script.

We understand that some scripts require a dialogue between two characters, sometimes, both a male and female. For this reason, we have a roster of English and French speaking male and female voice talents ready to work together as a duo to narrate your script. Each artist and separate language start at $299. Please contact us for pricing.


If you don’t find the language, please contact us so that we can help find one in our network.

The cost depends on how many individual files are required. If you need the voice talent to save a large number of individual files, please let us know when booking a voice over and also let your Account Manager know so that we can give you a quote.

There is no additional cost for a character voice over. However, we strongly recommend you book an audition to hear the voice talent record a small section of your script before committing to the full read. This way, you can be sure it’s the style you’re looking for.

We have both English and French speaking bilingual voice over talents as well as other languages in our network. The cost for each voice over and language starts at $299. However, please note that we would require the English script to be translated into French or any other language before we can record. We can do this on your behalf at an additional cost. Contact us for pricing.

While we always strive for 100% client satisfaction, we know that things don’t always go according to plan - or your expectations. Our goal is to ensure that you’re 100% happy with your final video delivery. If you are anything but 100% happy with the result, we will make it right - no matter the reason. If it’s the fault of the team, we will correct the mistake at no additional charge. If you decide to change the script after it was already approved and voiced, we can re-record for you - although this will incur an additional fee for voice over and making any postproduction animation changes. Please contact your Account Manager and bring your concerns to their attention.


If there are script changes after the voice talent has already recorded your script, a minimum fee of 50% of the original cost will apply to cover re-recording, editing, and file preparation.


If completely new audio needs to be recorded owing to script changes after the voice talent has recorded your original script, this would classify as a completely new read. This would be charged accordingly as a new voice over recording.


If we have already produced your animation video and you require voice over changes, this would classify as a postproduction edit. This would be charged accordingly depending on the changes as we may have to illustrate new scenes and then go back into production.

Before commencing any project, we require a 50% deposit payment upfront. The remaining 50% is due prior to the delivery of your final video file. We will provide an estimate before we begin for your approval. You are welcome to pay via most common payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal, as well as company-certified cheques and e-Transfers.

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